Spring Break Detox Program
March 21, 2018
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HPA Axis Dysregulation aka “too much stress for too long”


Package includes:

HPA Information guide

7 day meal plan

Additional recipe guide

Stress management guide

Teaching Kitchens

Private and Group classes available

In your home and in office


Topics include:

Meal Prep Mania

Stress Busters: Nourish Your Life

Balance Your Blood Sugar and Take Control of Your Life!

And more…


Looking for names?? HPA Healing, vs Stress Reset vs ??

Have you been feeling overworked and overstressed? Do you feel tired, overwhelmed, edgy and irritable? Are you just not feeling like yourself anymore? Heal you mind and body from the immense demands that life has placed on you with a combination of amazing foods and other lifestyle changes strategically designed to maximize your health and wellness.


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